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Angie Manzano

"When I heard Lourdes Perez's music for the first time I could hardly believe this woman existed. With her latest release. Este Filo, it is clear that Lourdes Perez lives up to her reputation as one of the great Latin American singer/songwriters. ...beautifully crafted words, spilling out like little gems. The songs can be urgent and dramatic, raging against violence and injustice. They can be comforting and nostalgic, memories of loved ones and promises kept. Whatever mood the music creates, it never feels forced. It seems to pour out of her so naturally, effortlessly. It draws you in and you find yourself raging, remembering, laughing and loving along with her."  Full article here.

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Gloria Anzaldúa

Chicana scholar, author & theorist

With her beautiful voice of thick smoke and clear honey, Lourdes Perez leaves deep footprints
that we will remember forever."

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The Georgia Strait - Canada

Jean Smith, musician, author, painter

"...phenomenal acoustic guitar player...ultimately, Perez most impressive instrument is her
voice...picture Edith Piaf astride a Harley, revving her engine in front of the International
Headquarters of the Powers That Be"

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